Long live the stay-at-home mom

In order to make my blog a little more well-rounded, I took the advice of watching a comedian a little different from the ones I have been watching. Other than the obvious reasons that she is a woman and Asian, I’m really glad I watched this stand-up.

Ali Wong in her Netflix special “Baby Cobra”and by golly, I did not expect the things she said to come out of her mouth! I respect her not only because she did a show that you can watch here seven and a half months pregnant, but that she was completely unapologetic in the things she says and believes in.

For starters, she set women’s rights back like 50 years. Which is kind funny when you think about it because women now a days are constantly saying they can do anything a man can do and want to support each other when, in reality, women are probably our own worst enemy. Wong makes the point several times that she does not want to work and wants to be a stay-at-home mom. If you ask me, sure! Go for it! I don’t really care. You want to stay home and spend time with your kid and do what ever it is stay-at-home wives/moms do, I’m all for it. They are pretty much the back bone of America if you ask me because if they weren’t there to make dinner for their husbands when they came home from work, they would starve a cease to exist. So, you’re welcome.

This can be problematic for some because I do know a lot of women who are feminists and proud of it and it’s become the popular opinion nowadays. It’s tough to say that you’re not a feminist because then people will go up to you and say, “What?! Are you kidding? Let me ask you a question…. do women and men deserve equal pay? Yes? Then you’re a feminist.”

I think it goes beyond just wage….


So when Wong says she doesn’t want to be a two income household, that’s between her and her husband. That’s no body else’s business. If their happy, then why does it effect you? And gentleman, if you want it to be the other way around, have at it! Isn’t that what feminism really is? Equal treatment for both genders?

I also appreciated the fact that Wong was very open her personal life when it came to relationships and sex. Yes, I said it. I know this is a school blog but let’s all be adults. Now, Wong made it very clear that she has been the kind of person to ask for what she wants and she gets it. She knows that women want sex just as much as guys and she isn’t afraid to admit it. It’s not something we should have to be shy about. So her enthusiasm when it came to her relations with other men and her husband were very transparent, makes other people in the audience more comfortable and not feel as alone.

And lastly, she touched a little on her race and while that wasn’t a huge topic of conversation during her stand-up, it was funny to hear her talk about how if you’re the same race as your spouse, it’s more fun to be “racist together”. We all know being racist is wrong but it’s a stand-up. You’re supposed to take everything with a grain of salt.

This was a refreshing stand-up to watch and I’m glad I did. It’s important to realize that There are plenty to chose from that correlate well with your humor and I definitely think Ali Wong did a great job connecting to her audience and delivering not only her opinion but in a humorous way so everyone can relate.


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