Party on, Dana

New to Netflix was Dana Carvey’s special, “Straight White Male, 60“. You may recognize him from the hilarious film “Wayne’s World” or the infamous “Master of Disguise” or his array of skits from Saturday Night Live. Either way, Carvey has a knack for comedy.

I didn’t quite know what to expect from this special because I have never seen Carvey do standup. I found out about this during an interview he had with Jimmy Fallon and he talked about his special. He mentioned that it had a lot to do with micro-impressions. I was unaware of this term but if you’re a comedian, a micro-impression is doing impressions of well-known public figures and having them do everyday things. For example, Carvey did impressions of Scar Face during Thanksgiving dinner.

Now, this standup didn’t have much material that was controversial. In fact, there were some points during it where I was in fact pretty bored and decided to play games on my phone or check my email while this was on in the background. It was a very clean show other than a few f-bombs here and there but nothing that my mom couldn’t handle.

But it was so boring.

Now why is that? I’m not saying I didn’t laugh at all because I did! His Trump impressions were spot on, he talked about his sons visiting Rome and how much they hated it, and it was very funny. But not all of it was fall-off-your-chair comedy.

It’s as if I almost wanted him to say something offensive or say something was very close to crossing the line making folks upset.

Is clean comedy funny anymore or did we just grow out of it?

Like kids shows nowadays. If I were to watch some of those shows, I probably wouldn’t even chuckle and if I did, it would probably be because I think it’s ridiculously dumb. But to those kids, it’s hilarious.

And while some stand-ups that I might watch can be vulgar and inappropriate, I can’t help myself but laugh whether it’s because I really think it’s funny or I’m just uncomfortable.

But I think there has to be that balance. There is always a time and place for certain comedy and sometimes the more vulgar won will get the last laugh or maybe it’ll get crickets. Either way, a laugh is a laugh, right?



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