My tragedy is not your costume

It seemed that just last year, it became a very big deal during Halloween that people couldn’t dress up as different cultures during Halloween because it was deemed as offensive. Going as Mulan, the female, Chinese warrior from the Disney Movie was inappropriate because it’s someone’s culture. Now a new fad is taking place about tragedy and how that should be respected. Most recently, there was a website that made a Kim Kardashian costume of her in a robe with tied hands, a fake gag, and tied up just like how she was when she claimed to have been held at gun point and robbed in France.

I know this steers away a little from my original topic of comedians and social commentary, but when is making fun of someone’s hardships funny?

No, that’s a serious question. When do you think a tragedy has exceeded its time limit when it’s okay to make fun of it? I was listening to Iowa’s Z102.9 and this topic was brought up. The person who made this costume was immediately criticized and people told him he was being insensitive to her situation. He claimed it was only and joke and that it’s Halloween and it shouldn’t be taken seriously. Well, the costume didn’t sell and was soon taken down from the costume website.

The radio talent discussed this topic for a while and brought up different scenarios of when it’s okay to dress up like a tragedy for Halloween. For example, they brought up a the “sinking of the Titanic survivor”. If someone told you that on the day of Halloween, how would you react? Would it be funny? Offensive? Maybe you have a family history of someone being on the Titanic? How do you respond? Same goes for possibly a Holocaust survivor? How does that read to you? Is it funny or is it terrible?

For me, I think when people decide to dress up as something like this, I have no say in the manner. It’s Halloween or it’s just a costume party. Sure you may get some weird looks or get criticized but I think that’s why I am starting this blog anyway. Sometimes things like this have to wait and reach a statue of limitation before they are joked about, but there are people out there that don’t believe that, such as comedians and shows like South Park. If you can’t joke about it right away, then you’re stuck taking everything seriously and you’re probably not having any fun doing it.


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