You know, back in MY day…

That’s a phrase our parents always say something us young-sters can’t stand.

“You know, when I was your age (insert un-relatable story here).”

“Yes mom and dad we know you’re lives were so much harder than ours,” (insert dramatic eye roll from kids).

But sooner or later, we are going to be those senior citizens, telling the stories of the good old days before robots and flying cars and before the Cubs win the World Series.

However, there are already somethings I catch myself saying to kids I babysit or even to my friends thinking about how life used to be before high school and even college. In this segment of “What’s Wrong With People?”, Sebastian Maniscalco talks about company. Like when people used to come over to your house and you just used to chat like good neighbors would do. Maybe it’s because I remember it so clearly or maybe it’s because it’s an Italian thing, I’m not 100% sure. What I am sure about is Maniscalco hit the mark with this is bit and it’s funny because it’s true. >>> click here to watch it


Now that you’ve seen it, you can either completely relate to what he is talking about, or you think it’s completely stupid.

(Here we go….) Back when I was a kid, this used to happen to my family all the time, especially in the summer is when I remember it happening the most. Cicadas were singing, the sun was going down, my sister, dad, and I would be coming back from a bike ride to Dairy Queen and there would be my mom and my grandmother sitting on the front stoop talking to my neighbor over some coffee, beer or wine. It would happen all the time so you think I would be used to it but every single time it was a treat. If I was inside and the doorbell rang or my sister and I heard a knock at the door, it would be a race to see who would get there first to answer it. We never looked to see who it was! If you did that today, that would be considered dangerous. You don’t know who’s at the door. It could be a robber… or worse: someone trying to sell you something or getting them to vote for their favorite candidate.

It seems to me that even in today’s world, we have more access to technology to make our lives easier but at the same time, I feel that we worry about more things that didn’t used to bother us. Things as simple as answering the front door. I’m not sure how it happened but first I’m opening the door and not even giving a care in the world who it is then all of a sudden, I’m closing the blinds and turning off the lights because I don’t want anyone to know that I am home.

How did this happen? When did it become apparent to everyone to be fearful of one another? When did it all of a sudden become a burden to be neighborly? It’s interesting how many questions one stand-up bit can bring up. But I am glad it does. Helps me remember the good times and what I can do to make sure they don’t fade away.


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